Blacksky waterfowl hunts:

We offer early season goose hunts that start in September and goes to the end of September. We also offer regular season and late season goose hunts, they start in October and go to the end of December.

Our late season decoy spreads rang at about 200-1,000 full body decoys and shells. Here at Blacksky Waterfowl, we only hunt with the best decoys. All our spreads are made up of DOA full Bodies and Avery Shell goose decoys. Our heated pit blinds, offer you comfort in colder weather, while also bringing large groups of birds overhead.

Fees and Dates:

Early season:

$100 per person per day,

September 3rd – September 18,2016

Limit of 5 birds per hunter, with up to 9 guys

Regular Season:

September 24 – December 28, 2016

$120 per person per day,

Limit of 3 birds per hunter, with up to 9 guys per hunts.

What you will need:

  • A valid small games license with your state a federal stamps.
  • shotgun (12,10,20 gauge) with shotgun shells (BB, 2 shot)
  • Camo cloths (make sure you are dressed for the weather)